Oh….the footbone’s connected to the anklebone
The anklebone’s connected to the shinbone
The shinbone’s connected to the Elmobone
Now hear the word on The Void…

After months of zoning out at the Deadbeat Cafe, The Leg has finally decided to go back to work. IOW, it’s started to grow bone to fill in the walnut-sized void in my lower (distal) femur. The spots circled in red weren’t there at my last visit.


It’s case of too little, too late, unfortunately; Doc says The Leg grows bone about as fast as a sloth tapdances. If I want to be walking before I turn 112, he thinks it needs a little extra motivation.

In docspeak, you spell “motivation,”  “b-o-n-e-m-a-r-r-o-w-t-r-a-n-s-p-l-a-n-t.” The Doc and his team will suck up my bone marrow, mix it with donor (i.e., dead people) bones, and jam-pack it into the hole.

The surgeons are pretty optimistic. “The fact that you’ve got growth in spots means it’s healthy bone, and that’s good,” said The Doc.

It’ll also be much less complicated than the first time around. “That was a 5.5-hour operation,” he reminded me, “This is almost-but-not-quite outpatient surgery.’

No rehab center this time; I’ll go back to Mom’s in a couple of days and life will resume as normal. Or what passes for normal here.

So…it’s all set. Late next week they pack The Leg full of marrow goo. And then we shall see.

The Saving Elmo series covers my adventures after crashing to the ground on Elmo, my replacement knee, sustaining an “open, comminuted fracture of the left femoral shaft.” It’s a tad more dire than it sounds; if my bone doesn’t grow completely back and return me to normal function, there’s a new, more painful, less effective femoral replacement in my future…with eventual amputation.

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