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26 10, 2015

No thanks. I’ll walk.


This is me, standing on the I5 overpass near work, taking a picture of cars zipping away down the road. I walked there, all by myself, because it was a lot faster than driving. Holy hell. I WALKED there. Do you understand the significance of that statement? The car needed its 30,000 mile checkup this morning. Travis-the-blueteam leader took SherryBaby's [...]

No thanks. I’ll walk.2017-07-20T14:16:40-07:00
7 10, 2015

Mobility, workout tights, and this thing called normal


If this summer has taught me anything, it's that normal takes a helluva lot more time. It's been almost three months since Elmo-the-total-knee-replacement and I announced our joint partnership (heh-heh). While I can't say I'm as good as new, I'm at least 200 percent better than before surgery. "More like 2,000 percent," snorts a co-worker, "I used to wonder if you'd [...]

Mobility, workout tights, and this thing called normal2017-10-07T18:08:23-07:00