11 11, 2007

When the doctor is a jerk…


Read Scott Haig's latest dissection of his patients, "When the patient is a Googler," and I've got to wonder if this guy sat out the part of his training that dealt with managing patients, bedside manner, compassion, humanity, that silly thing where Hippocrates suggested that doing no harm was a good idea... Haig, an orthopod, writes entertainingly about those noisome [...]

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4 11, 2007

Drive-by viewing


Headed out to drop off my ballot (yeah, yeah, I'm late) and buy some baby food (don't ask), stopped at the red light and glanced at the van waiting in front of me. Its rear view mirror was moving. Huh? Looked again, and it wasn't a rear-view mirror, it was a video screen. There was some sort of children's video [...]

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25 07, 2006

Rapunzel: The REAL story


By Cynthia Morgan Copyright 2006 on this one. All rights reserved. Mama traded me for a handful of greens. Daddy fixed her a salad, and Auntie Rue took me away. Auntie Rue said she took me because of the greens. A lady who would trade her baby for greens, she sniffed, didn’t deserve one. Auntie should talk; she only took [...]

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