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Late night 9/16/16: I didn’t see the stairs. Medically, that caused a “comminuted open fracture of the left distal femur.” In 6 months, we added “nonunion.”

IOW, I absolutely powdered my thighbone right above Elmo, my replacement knee, so there’s not much left for Elmo to live in, and it’s having trouble growing back.

The goal: Regrow bone so that Elmo has a home. In the meantime, I’m learning about life in a wheelchair, and fretting, because so far that dad-blasted bone is about as fertile as a rock.

The threat: If the bone doesn’t grow, Kaiser wants to remove Elmo and replace him with a new, less successful implant that wears out pretty quickly. When it does, my only recourse is mid-thigh amputation. The Kaiser traumatologist says if I’m lucky, I’ll be so old it won’t matter.

I’m not sure you can get THAT old, so let’s not go there. I’ve found leading tramatologists who say Kaiser is taking the wrong approach; my leg can be saved. This series is about exactly that.

29 11, 2017

JitterDay tripping


"Excuse me," I said politely to the tiny, scowling lady walking past, "Would you mind grabbing a package of dental floss for me?" Stores don't really consider wheelchairs when they set up their displays. The floss was all the way on the top shelf, far above my reach when seated in the wheelchair. I would have stood, but the Kaiserbeast [...]

JitterDay tripping2017-11-29T21:30:35-08:00
27 11, 2017

Pelican Lady


Pelican Lady scowls and mumbles, and what she's saying under her breath would make a muleskinner blush. Unhappiness bends her body, breaks it in dispirited places, leaves her mouthbreathing as she walks, frowning and rolling her eyes. I don't know why she's so angry, don't know her backstory, but it would have to be a doozy to make her THIS [...]

Pelican Lady2017-11-29T09:24:54-08:00
14 11, 2017

Mantis lessons


A small chitinous lady landed on my little balcony this morning, a 4-inch long preying mantis, wearily looking for somewhere to lay her eggs. I love mantids, love their ferocity, their intelligence, the way they eye you, daring you to just TRY something so they can trounce you.* A mantis moves through life supremely confident, supremely paranoid, without a shred [...]

Mantis lessons2017-11-29T09:31:44-08:00
8 11, 2017

Mischief managed


Long time no write. Sorry about that. ;-) When last we left our intrepid surgical guinea pig, Cynthia-the-pincushion, she was on the eve of the final finito finale FINAL surgeries to save Elmo. Verdict: So far, so good. Thanks for reading, and good night. The Elmo stories (of Elmo, my replacement knee and then the fight to save him when [...]

Mischief managed2018-05-09T22:21:57-07:00
15 10, 2017

Surgery musings and kudos to Marriott


It's the evening before my first surgery (I hope, anyway--after the false start of a couple of weeks ago I've learned not to make assumptions). I've spent the last couple of weeks going to work (short-term disability doesn't count unless you actually HAVE the surgery, I discovered), tying up ever-growing collections of loose ends around the remodel, making sure that [...]

Surgery musings and kudos to Marriott2017-11-29T09:38:18-08:00
10 10, 2017

I think I’m in love…with my bathroom


Some people dream of finding the right lover. I dream of finding the right bathroom. So when, after spending months in a construction zone, I got to shower in my brand new bathroom for my birthday, was a glorious day. It really was a birthday present. Nathan-the-resident-carpenter dropped everything to ensure that, on my natal day, plumbing was working [...]

I think I’m in love…with my bathroom2017-11-29T09:39:31-08:00
28 09, 2017

Chirurgia interruptus


I was having surgery--the first of at least two operations--on The Leg this morning. Note the past tense: I WAS having surgery. It's been postponed and I'm sure that the God of Adventure is ROTFL about the whole thing. Mom and I flew down to Walnut Creek on Monday, had a delightful dinner with Nancy and Gary Goodenough (very tasty [...]

Chirurgia interruptus2017-11-29T09:41:34-08:00
27 09, 2017

Inaccessibly accessible: When ADA compliance really isn’t


If you happen to have wheels on your butt* the difference between accessible and Accessible is pretty obvious. I should know; I've been playing the wheelchair card for more than a year. I'm getting very very good with Spiffy the wheelchair--I can pop wheelies and climb low curbs, and I spin a mean 360-in-place. Even so, every single day that I go [...]

Inaccessibly accessible: When ADA compliance really isn’t2020-03-02T07:45:25-08:00
18 09, 2017

Happy Crashiversary, Elmo


One year ago Saturday, my life changed. So I took the day off, to consider how far I've come. It seemed especially fitting, since things are about to change again. More about that later. The Elmo stories (of Elmo, my replacement knee and then the fight to save him when I smashed my femur) have been going on for more [...]

Happy Crashiversary, Elmo2017-11-29T09:46:27-08:00
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