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16 08, 2019

Sushi on the hoof: The tuna trip


OK, so this week's tuna fishing expedition wasn't nearly the Freddy Kreuger-style bloodbath I feared. In fact, it was kinda glorious. Turns out that the Wilderness and I are best buds if it improves the quality of my grub... and tuna "loins"* are about as improving as grub gets. The Resident Carpenter and I set out for Depoe [...]

Sushi on the hoof: The tuna trip2019-08-16T13:49:44-07:00
15 08, 2019

Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish


Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish Tuna fish, tuna fish, it's a favorite dish Everybody loves it so, from New York to Kokomo Tuna fish, tuna fish, it's a favorite dish (From my first piano lesson songbook) Tomorrow we will find ourselves a seasickeningly 45 miles out in a thousand-foot-deep ocean, looking for tuna. Somebody explain [...]

Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish2019-08-16T15:59:10-07:00
3 07, 2019

Squirrels, berries, movie stars, and a bunch of cigars


Squirrels apparently have a lot in common with rabbits: Willow is caring for her SECOND litter right now. For those keeping score, that's one mamma birthing TWO litters of Eastern Greys in six months. At this rate, we are going to run out of cigars. The Resident Carpenter's office is gonna look like a squirrel restaurant. In the meantime, Willow's [...]

Squirrels, berries, movie stars, and a bunch of cigars2020-11-24T08:53:45-08:00
11 06, 2019

Gone fishin’


Enjoy thy stream, O harmless fish; and when an angler for his dish, through gluttony's vile sin, Attempts, the wretch, to pull thee out, God give thee strength, O gentle trout, to pull the rascal in! ~John Wolcot Despite Mr. Wolcot's prayer, I stayed out of the water. Anyway, Wolcot's words don't really apply to me because I wasn't there [...]

Gone fishin’2019-06-18T15:03:03-07:00
31 05, 2019

A bird in the hand…


This is, apparently, Jeff the cedar waxwing, recovering from threatening a window. For someone who really isn't into The Wilderness, I seem to be encountering a lot of it lately. Last night I sat on a brick planter box for an hour, waiting for the bird in my hand to fly away. Clearly, The God of Adventure thinks [...]

A bird in the hand…2019-05-31T17:30:09-07:00
29 05, 2019

Pass me that cigar! (Willow’s a mamma!!)


Let's say you've raised a squirrel from a tiny baby, released her to your backyard wilderness, but she still comes inside to play/eat/cuddle. One day you notice she's gotten really fat and cranky, and sports prominent nipply things on her belly. You think "maybe she's pregnant!!!!!!!" but awhile later, the nipply things reduce and she's slimmed down considerably. You'd think, [...]

Pass me that cigar! (Willow’s a mamma!!)2020-11-24T08:54:27-08:00
27 05, 2019

Memorial musings


Willow probably isn't pregnant but has eaten rather too many potato chips... I'm gazing out on the fading rhododendrons and azaleas, the dogwood blossoms and iris, the lush banks of strawberries, the burgeoning berry vines and bushes (not kidding, the blueberry count will hit the THOUSANDS this summer unless the birds get there first, and we're going to [...]

Memorial musings2020-11-24T08:55:06-08:00
21 05, 2019

Willow vs. cats


Nathan and Willow, enjoying a chip snack together. There's an old Gary Cooper movie, High Noon, where this dude tries to retire from gunslinging but--surprise surprise--finds one final annoying guy to shoot. It culminates in a lunchtime faceoff on Main Street.* Willow and the cats re-enact that faceoff scene in The Resident Carpenter's office every morning. Willow, heavily [...]

Willow vs. cats2020-11-24T08:55:44-08:00
9 05, 2019

Spring forth…


Driving into work when the plum blossoms are out...amazing. Holy cow--it's kinda like I've forgotten about this blog, right? My apologies. Building a new non-wheelchair normal and working at a full-time-plus job and investigating neat new technologies AND trying to do art (and and and) eats a giant hole in my 24-hour day, just enough to put blogposts [...]

Spring forth…2019-05-10T12:59:10-07:00
13 02, 2019

Cookie karma


Some of us are born just absolutely stuffed to the gills with winkarma. The rest of us get it doled out out by the God of Adventure, who is one stingy bastard. I used up my winkarma allocation decades ago, on a box of cookies.

Cookie karma2019-02-13T19:33:04-08:00
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