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10 03, 2010

Glass makes the news


Hey--just a fast note for Ernie lovers: Ernie's mom is in the news. Brenda Griffith, the powerhouse GlassValkyrie wonderwoman of Atlanta, is doing her best to convert the South to kilnforming (and beadmaking and glassblowing and, apparently, nude dates at the gloryhole, but that's another story).

Glass makes the news2016-05-15T23:52:43-07:00
2 10, 2009

Flying a cat


"Guys, get in here and look at this cat!" The room slowly fills until six or seven Delta employees are peering into Ernie's carrier, smiling and cooing. "Have you ever SEEN a cat this big? And isn't he a sweetie?"

Flying a cat2016-05-18T00:17:52-07:00
4 09, 2009

Gremlins, baked goods and Ernie


Yesterday didn't go at all well, so today I'm bright and early hard at work, whittling down my giant to-do list. Just now, though, I'm at Sawtooth Bakery, enjoying an inexpensive breakfast, buying bread and having fun peoplewatching.

Gremlins, baked goods and Ernie2016-05-15T23:26:14-07:00
31 07, 2009

Tattoos, etchings and Ernie


I'm moving through Powell's big downtown bookstore in a wierdly dreamy, deja vu kinda way, strolling the stacks and digesting the day I've had so far: making art, viewing art, and needing art...or rather needing to get real artistic, real fast, to make sure Ernie Monstrocat has a GOOD home.

Tattoos, etchings and Ernie2016-05-15T23:19:26-07:00