23 04, 2018

Beachwalking and the denizens of the deep


My very first in-person tidepool since falling. It was glorious. Here's what they don't tell you about recovery from a catastrophic injury: It's only gradual from the 10,000-foot view. Up close, it's fits, starts, and frustration, punctuated by euphoria. Two and a half-steps forward, one step back. One step forward, three steps back. My body retreats to near-immobility [...]

Beachwalking and the denizens of the deep2020-10-06T07:24:14-07:00
11 04, 2018

Batting cleanup (tanks a lot, Fred)


Frank Sinatra, the blue-eyed hermit crab Starting a marine reef tank is a lot like adopting a demanding, finicky child that eats its playmates and spends money like, well, seawater. Fred Mertz* the reef tank has been alive for a bit more than a week, and definitely has taken over our lives. I wake to find the the [...]

Batting cleanup (tanks a lot, Fred)2018-04-12T13:04:14-07:00
2 04, 2018

Fred gets tanked


Brad and the Resident Carpenter begin the laborious process of setting up our new marine reef tank I dunno, he just LOOKED like a Fred. "Nobody I've met," laughed Brad-the-fishguy, "Ever named their reef tank 'Fred.'" The Resident Carpenter just grinned; I think he's getting used to my anthropomorphizations. I figure that the rate at which Fred is [...]

Fred gets tanked2019-10-24T16:41:40-07:00