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11 10, 2020

Saturdays past and ‘shrooms


"Mmmmm," sighed The Resident Carpenter-Blacksmith in happy satisfaction, "That's the sound of mushrooms growing." The blessed rain was finally FINALLY coming down, spattering windows and clearing the obnoxious, lung-clogging firesmoke that's turned Oregon breathing into a cautionary tale. And it has an added benefit: Rain grows mushrooms. "Bring on the RAIN!" I gleefully agreed. On my first [...]

Saturdays past and ‘shrooms2020-10-11T19:49:03-07:00
21 06, 2020

Uncomfortable conversations


I broke a cardinal rule; I discussed politics at work. There are excellent reasons why we don't discuss politics--or any polarizing issue--in the workplace. Coworkers have a right to their opinions. We never EXclude team members, we INclude them. Work must be a neutral zone, where we focus on getting the job done, excellently, effectively, and on time. I know [...]

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12 04, 2020

Errant girl


Grizz, bored Wanna look like a hero while actually tasting a bit of freedom in these pandemicious* times? Run errands for your neighbors. Remember all those times we've moaned and groaned about how little time we have to CREATE, what with work and chores and bill-paying and sundry obligations? And how, if we could just stay HOME, nowhere [...]

Errant girl2020-04-12T10:25:25-07:00
23 12, 2019

Six rules of puppymonster management


Grizzlebear, trying to blend in with the winter grass We've had Grizz for one week, and he's learned a lot. I've learned more, given that this is my first genuine puppy (the few dogs I've had were adult rescues, so I've never really dealt with puppymonsters before). I've got a few tips for anyone considering the acquisition of [...]

Six rules of puppymonster management2020-05-11T09:26:18-07:00
1 12, 2019

Hooking on a Saturday afternoon


For my very first blacksmith-shop-in-the-backyard job, I made a coathook of twisted steel. Ain't it just absolutely gorgeous? "Wanna learn how to forge a coathook?" asked The Resident Carpenter, "I thought you might like to try blacksmithing...?" "Sure!" I said eagerly, and we headed for the shop. When making a silver squirrel pendant, it's generally a good [...]

Hooking on a Saturday afternoon2019-12-03T17:26:24-08:00
4 11, 2019

Naked on the 33rd floor


OK, well, not NAKED, exactly, but the next best thing. This is gonna take some explaining, so bare (heh-heh) with me. I started my professional life as a tech reporter, covering all kinds of events in different parts of the US. It was a great job I probably would have done for free: All the gadgets I wanted at no [...]

Naked on the 33rd floor2019-11-04T10:52:32-08:00
10 09, 2019

Mighty hunter


This is the face of a killer. Ain't she sweet? Thanks to a genetic anomaly, Nikki is a permanently small cat who rather resembles a fuzzy-furred kitten. Lola, strikingly larger, looks like a feline contract killer yet her hunting skills are no match for her sister's. Nikki is one of the deadliest, most efficient hunters I've met; her [...]

Mighty hunter2020-11-24T08:53:03-08:00
9 09, 2019

Playing hooky (er…gathering inspiration)


When the going gets tough, the tough head for the hills. Or rather, the mountains. Wilderness. The Great Outdoors. Or so it seems. It's been a frustrating week: Wacky stuff at work, a construction zone for a house, but mainly: I CANNOT make the bloody enamel do what it's supposed to do. It took me 20 years to learn glass [...]

Playing hooky (er…gathering inspiration)2019-09-09T11:17:10-07:00
16 08, 2019

Sushi on the hoof: The tuna trip


OK, so this week's tuna fishing expedition wasn't nearly the Freddy Kreuger-style bloodbath I feared. In fact, it was kinda glorious. Turns out that the Wilderness and I are best buds if it improves the quality of my grub... and tuna "loins"* are about as improving as grub gets. The Resident Carpenter and I set out for Depoe [...]

Sushi on the hoof: The tuna trip2019-08-16T13:49:44-07:00
15 08, 2019

Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish


Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish Tuna fish, tuna fish, it's a favorite dish Everybody loves it so, from New York to Kokomo Tuna fish, tuna fish, it's a favorite dish (From my first piano lesson songbook) Tomorrow we will find ourselves a seasickeningly 45 miles out in a thousand-foot-deep ocean, looking for tuna. Somebody explain [...]

Tuna fish, tuna fish, sing a song of tuna fish2019-08-16T15:59:10-07:00
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