Glassmaking: Morganica (Cynthia Morgan) demonstrates the technical and creative challenges of making art using glass through fused glass, coldworking, and experimentation. Primarily focused on the casting of glass, including pate de verre and reservoir casting, she also discusses less-used kinformed glass techniques such as tack-fusing, kilncarving, and pattern-bar development.

12 12, 2016

Setting Up My Gallery-Style Art Show Booth


Kathy Engholm here. Cynthia invited me to write a guest article about my new(ish) art show booth furniture (shown above). My  previous post was about the main parts used in designing the booth. In this post, I'll describe the setup process for this gallery-style art show booth. Before a show For many basic life activities, I use physical objects to [...]

Setting Up My Gallery-Style Art Show Booth2017-10-07T18:13:59-07:00
11 10, 2016

Choosing parts for a gallery-style art show booth


Kathy Engholm here. Cynthia invited me to write a guest article about my new(ish) art show booth furniture (shown above). My first post was about the requirements I set before starting the design. In this post, I'll discuss the key parts that allowed me to meet those requirements. Basic structural design Mating pieces for connecting rails to posts [...]

Choosing parts for a gallery-style art show booth2017-10-07T18:13:59-07:00
10 09, 2016

Making a gallery-style art show booth


Gallery-style art show booth by Kathy Engholm Last spring I visited the Oregon Glass Guild's big art show and saw some wonderful glass. I also saw my friend Kathy's innovative, low-cost art show booth design, which looks simple but is chock-full of great ideas. Kathy's an author, blogger, artist, engineer and inventor, used to solving nasty technical problems [...]

Making a gallery-style art show booth2017-07-03T14:26:14-07:00
1 08, 2016

Making a (BIG) glass counter top, part 1


Apologies for the overlong ramble, but since this blog is intended to document my creative meanderings, it also details the times I'm bogged down in design and engineering. Apparently stuffing my musings into a blogpost for review is the best way to get me thinking, so sorry about that. And please: ANY suggestions, ideas, criticisms, etc., for this [...]

Making a (BIG) glass counter top, part 12017-07-03T14:27:24-07:00
4 06, 2016

Getting creative with the glass we have


Honest-to-Pete, DEQ's search engine cursor is an image of Bigfoot walking. (I, er, did editorialize a bit on the text) I promised you an eye-witness report of the now-infamous Oregon DEQ art glass financial impact hearing. It was intended to discover what it's costing manufacturers to meet DEQ's ever-changing pollution control directives by October 1. This [...]

Getting creative with the glass we have2017-07-03T14:28:19-07:00
4 04, 2016

Saturday musings: glass, color, poisons


Rollicking last couple of months. If I were into astrology, I'd probably be talking about cusps and whether Aries was rising or something, which always sounds faintly pornographic. My potentially dirty mind and the vagaries of the universe aside though, yep, it's been a rollicking couple of months. Most of the rollicks (is that really a word?) have centered [...]

Saturday musings: glass, color, poisons2017-07-03T14:32:58-07:00
2 01, 2016

Working with tempered glass


People who salvage old glass for kilnforming frequently tell you to avoid tempered glass like the plague because: It's impossible to cut or break (unless you don't want it to break and then it explodes all over you like a bad Clive Barker movie) It's dangerous; tap it in the wrong spot and--blammo!--here comes good ol' Clive [...]

Working with tempered glass2017-10-07T18:10:29-07:00
19 12, 2015

Group buy: Custom thickness/size Tekta sheets


And yep, for those of you who know anything about glassmaking (or have been to the Bullseye factory for just about any event), nope this isn't Tekta rolling down the lehr. If I'd had a picture of the Tekta line I'd have posted it, but the Bullseye site is down, and I'm just to illustration-happy NOT to put something [...]

Group buy: Custom thickness/size Tekta sheets2016-01-24T12:34:39-08:00
19 11, 2015

Color Line, revisited with Dustin


Remember that Color Line enamel glass paint that I beta-tested for Bullseye awhile back? This, apparently, is what Color Line can do in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. (IOW, someone other than yours truly) Here's the story on that: Last weekend my friend Carla and I hit up the Oregon Glass Guild's Open Studios tour, [...]

Color Line, revisited with Dustin2019-02-15T10:02:42-08:00
14 11, 2015

Glasslanding on a blustery day


I know I've promised a bunch of you that I'd deliver a compilation of knee replacement surgery information and I WILL PUBLISH THAT SOON. Promise. It's just that I'm having a little trouble developing a new template that doesn't take 9 gazillion years to edit and maintain. Thanks for your patience because I'm swiftly running out of mine. Whoever thought shortcodes [...]

Glasslanding on a blustery day2017-10-07T17:33:24-07:00
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