31 12, 2007



Fast keystone project with some interesting aspects. This is LotusBowl, and it can be made in a single firing, although for finishing's sake I did it in two. I didn't have a heckuva lotta luck with Mom's Christmas present this year. The first, a pate de verre project, had a color change I didn't care for. I decided instead to [...]

14 11, 2007

Tack-fusing: Stingy with the heat


There's gotta be some kind of unwritten law that says the longer you work with a glass, the stingier you get with the heat.

Tack-fusing: Stingy with the heat2014-09-26T17:17:48-07:00
19 10, 2007

Life in the slow (glass) lane… (fast-de-verre)


Pulled another batch of five-finger experiments out of the kiln this morning, couple of conventional tack-fuse pieces that came out well and will go into sales inventory, and two experiments that failed-but. Neither was a success. The one at right, kind of a fast-de-verre, I adore but it developed a crack around the base, undoubtedly due to expansion differentials of [...]

Life in the slow (glass) lane… (fast-de-verre)2016-05-16T01:15:22-07:00
13 10, 2007

Coolth #1: Amber basket


I opened the kiln to some seriously cool pieces tonight. They may get beyond the level of five-finger exercise and into "worth exploring." Played around with the stringer-on-a-support-structure thing a couple of weeks ago, and built a small blue basket to test the concept. I liked the way it turned out: I decided to explore this a bit, continuing with [...]

Coolth #1: Amber basket2016-05-18T15:07:40-07:00
2 10, 2007

Five finger exercises, revisited


Realized last week that between visitors, cool events like BeCON, losing Chinni and dayjob pressures I HADN’T SO MUCH AS RUN A GLASS SCORE IN ALMOST THREE MONTHS. […]

Five finger exercises, revisited2016-05-17T18:41:37-07:00
7 07, 2007

Stacks bowl update


The grey tweed effect was SUPPOSED to be pure French Vanilla, punctuated by small transparent lines of intense color. Instead, I got a motley assortment of greys and lavenders mixed with French Vanilla.

Stacks bowl update2016-05-17T18:41:30-07:00
1 07, 2007

Drat. Doncha hate it when that happens?


On the production side of the house, I have four series I really enjoy working on: Crystals, Sand, Shards and Sacks. I've talked about the first three a bit, and was getting around to Stacks when a commission piece blew up on me this morning. Damnation.

Drat. Doncha hate it when that happens?2016-05-17T18:41:24-07:00
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