31 12, 2007



Fast keystone project with some interesting aspects. This is LotusBowl, and it can be made in a single firing, although for finishing's sake I did it in two. I didn't have a heckuva lotta luck with Mom's Christmas present this year. The first, a pate de verre project, had a color change I didn't care for. I decided instead to [...]

14 11, 2007

Tack-fusing: Stingy with the heat


There's gotta be some kind of unwritten law that says the longer you work with a glass, the stingier you get with the heat.

Tack-fusing: Stingy with the heat2020-02-10T15:32:15-08:00
19 10, 2007

Life in the slow (glass) lane… (fast-de-verre)


Pulled another batch of five-finger experiments out of the kiln this morning, couple of conventional tack-fuse pieces that came out well and will go into sales inventory, and two experiments that failed-but. Neither was a success. The one at right, kind of a fast-de-verre, I adore but it developed a crack around the base, undoubtedly due to expansion differentials of [...]

Life in the slow (glass) lane… (fast-de-verre)2020-02-10T16:26:52-08:00
14 10, 2007

Coolth #2: Quoin Basket


If you've read the previous post, you read that I got a couple of nice experiments out of the kiln tonight. The first is a fibrous-looking, almost woven basket (which actually does have some weaving processes) out of stringer. The second, the subject of this post, uses small pieces of sheet glass instead of stringers and noodles. I'm calling it [...]

Coolth #2: Quoin Basket2020-02-10T16:23:36-08:00
13 10, 2007

Coolth #1: Amber basket


I opened the kiln to some seriously cool pieces tonight. They may get beyond the level of five-finger exercise and into "worth exploring." Played around with the stringer-on-a-support-structure thing a couple of weeks ago, and built a small blue basket to test the concept. I liked the way it turned out: I decided to explore this a bit, continuing with [...]

Coolth #1: Amber basket2016-05-18T15:07:40-07:00
2 10, 2007

Five-finger revisited, part II


Oh...referring to the four tackfuse exercises I did this week, I posted the basket (thanks, Gary, I was trying to figure out what to call these things). So just to clear up a couple of e-mail queries, here's what the other three looked like. Apologies for the quality of the photos--I just snapped these in the kitchen. Arrowneous. This was [...]

Five-finger revisited, part II2020-02-10T15:59:39-08:00
2 10, 2007

Five finger exercises, revisited


Realized last week that between visitors, cool events like BeCON, losing Chinni and dayjob pressures I HADN'T SO MUCH AS RUN A GLASS SCORE IN ALMOST THREE MONTHS. That's gotta be some kind of record, and it probably explained the nervous twitch in my brain. (Although my wallet keeps sending sincere thanks for the sudden cessation of glass expenditures) Anyway, [...]

Five finger exercises, revisited2020-02-10T15:58:40-08:00
7 07, 2007

Stacks bowl update


The grey tweed effect was SUPPOSED to be pure French Vanilla, punctuated by small transparent lines of intense color. Instead, I got a motley assortment of greys and lavenders mixed with French Vanilla.

Stacks bowl update2016-05-17T18:41:30-07:00
1 07, 2007

Drat. Doncha hate it when that happens?


On the production side of the house, I have four series I really enjoy working on: Crystals, Sand, Shards and Sacks. I've talked about the first three a bit, and was getting around to Stacks when a commission piece blew up on me this morning. Damnation.

Drat. Doncha hate it when that happens?2020-02-10T15:56:53-08:00
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