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11 03, 2010

An arm and a leg or three


If you added up all my blogposts since 2003, you'd have something like 7,200 separate articles. Only about 650 are actually searchable on right now. Tried to import the rest, but so far can't figure out a way to do that without spamming the heck out of the 1,500 or so subscribers who asked to be notified when I [...]

An arm and a leg or three2020-03-02T07:45:37-08:00
10 03, 2010

Glass makes the news


Hey--just a fast note for Ernie lovers: Ernie's mom is in the news. Brenda Griffith, the powerhouse GlassValkyrie wonderwoman of Atlanta, is doing her best to convert the South to kilnforming (and beadmaking and glassblowing and, apparently, nude dates at the gloryhole, but that's another story).

Glass makes the news2016-05-15T23:52:43-07:00
7 02, 2010

Mighty arty


"That is not glass," the man said flatly, "The label's wrong." Well, yeah, it IS glass--I kinda gave birth to it--but I didn't contradict him. I was having too much fun. His wife edged up to the pate de verre panel, until her nose nearly touched it. "No, I think it *is* glass, honey," she said doubtfully, "I can see light through it." The man thwocked the piece with thumb and middle finger--I winced--and it rang satisfactorily. "I guess you're right," he said, and they moved on.

Mighty arty2016-05-15T23:50:48-07:00
15 11, 2009

Juried competitions


You know all those stupid, persnickety, idiotic, officious entry rules that show organizers dream up just to ruin an artist's day? And those smug, supercilious (and expensive) suggestions they make regarding your need for better photography, displays, artist statements, etc...? Uhm... They're pretty much on target. After pulling together a (very small) juried competition for a local exhibit, I take back everything I've ever, ever said about that stuff.

Juried competitions2015-11-07T22:43:46-08:00
28 04, 2009

Portland Open Studios


Beware of wild impulses. Supposedly they lead to great new opportunities, but every so often they also lead to many strangers tramping through your house.

Portland Open Studios2015-11-07T22:50:00-08:00
25 03, 2009

Yarg (and come to the show…)


You can take the girl out of the newsroom, but you can't take the newsroom out of the girl, it seems. No matter how many days/weeks/months/years I know in advance, I don't zoom into high gear until it's down to the wire deadline time. And so I've got four pieces due at the gallery by 11am this morning, and I will just exactly make it...with three.

Yarg (and come to the show…)2017-10-07T18:36:39-07:00
12 11, 2008

Are you a glass artist? I’m not.


I'm an artist. Period. Is it just me being Ms. OversensitiveWordist, or is there something a tad demeaning in the term "glass artist?" I mean, when we talk about a sculptor, do we say he is a "bronze artist?" When we talk about a painter, is he an "oil artist?" Nope. So here's my soapbox on "glass artists."

Are you a glass artist? I’m not.2020-05-10T14:34:27-07:00
15 10, 2008

What a lousy time to have an auction…


(given the state of the financial markets), but the Pilchuck auction is later this month. Once again I'm going to miss it due to prior commitments (and a kilnbuilding project that'll either bankrupt me or drive me nuts, maybe both). But at least I can have fun with the online catalog... It's kinda nice to see so many artist-buddies represented [...]

What a lousy time to have an auction…2016-05-15T16:14:32-07:00
26 07, 2008

Selling babies


First of all, I’ve never really thought of myself as sentimentalist. Sure, I sometimes sob at tearjerker chickflicks. And a cracking good animation or a sublimely elegant algorithm or hardware that really IS “plug and play” or somebody just being nice for no good reason or truly amazing or content-rich art invariably results in leaky optics. And maybe I get a little misty [...]

Selling babies2015-11-07T16:18:51-08:00
26 06, 2008

Process, art and labels


If you ran into me at the Portland Art Museum on GAS conference opening night, you would have seen me sporting a T-shirt admonishing glassists who use the term “warmglass” to describe “kilnforming.” (Incredibly nice-looking T-shirt, BTW, so many thanks to Ted for sending one my way) The T-shirt went with the really wonderful Klaus Moje retrospective at the museum, [...]

Process, art and labels2015-11-07T16:18:52-08:00
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