29 07, 2017

Did she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy?


If you added up all my blogposts since 2003, you’d have something like 7,200 separate articles. Only about 650 are actually searchable on right now. Tried to import the rest, but so far can’t figure out a way to do that without spamming the heck out of the 1,500 or so subscribers who asked to be notified when I [...]

Did she bake a cherry pie, Billy boy, Billy boy?2018-07-21T18:59:49-07:00
4 08, 2016

Fruitsicles and how to make them


Fruitsicles--fresh fruit puree popsicles in push-up tube bags-were a delicious accident on my road to sorbet...and a great way to use summer fruit. They're also relatively good for you; you get the vitamin C, fiber, and all the calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., found in fresh fruit for a measly 47 calories per fruitsicle (52 cal for wineberry, probably 60 cal [...]

Fruitsicles and how to make them2017-07-03T14:27:05-07:00
24 12, 2014

Salted hazelnut toffee with chocolate


My friend Carol will tell you I am NOT a cook, and she's right. Cooks invent new ways to turn daily caloric input into stuff I can only dream about (unless Carol invites me over for dinner, because Carol is a cook). Me? Food geek. Food geeks could care less about daily meals, but give us a challenge, or slip [...]

Salted hazelnut toffee with chocolate2017-12-24T10:18:53-07:00
2 09, 2014

Schpritzing fruit


If I had to pick a last meal, it’d probably be a sandwich of fresh, crusty (REAL) sourdough bread, spread with home-made mayonnaise and topped with thin slices of really good ham, Wensleydale cheese and heirloom tomato…with an ice-cold glass of home-made limeade. The sandwich might be optional, which explains why I spent much of last Saturday making fruit syrups [...]

Schpritzing fruit2014-12-24T11:06:08-07:00