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A bird in the hand…

This is, apparently, Jeff the cedar waxwing, recovering from threatening a window. For someone who really isn't into [...]

Memorial musings

Willow probably isn't pregnant but has eaten rather too many potato chips... I'm gazing out on the fading [...]

Spring forth…

Driving into work when the plum blossoms are out...amazing. Holy cow--it's kinda like I've forgotten about this blog, [...]

Cookie karma

Some of us are born just absolutely stuffed to the gills with winkarma. The rest of us get it doled out out by the God of Adventure, who is one stingy bastard. I used up my winkarma allocation decades ago, on a box of cookies.

Winter Celebration Chili (recipe)

As I've said before, I'm definitely NOT a chef, and I seriously doubt if you could call me a cook. I'm a recreational foodmaker, who just fixed a pretty scrumptious pot of chili and wants to share.